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Time to party

Time to party

Q. My other half wants to save money and have a playlist at our wedding. How do I convince him that live music is best?

A. Charlie Evans says: The biggest issue is that a playlist can't react to people in the room. It can't see what people are enjoying and adapt to make sure everyone stays on the dancefloor. It also can't engage in repartee and make sure everyone in the crowd, from the hipsters to Great Aunt Shirley, are entertained all night.

Your wedding is a chance to pull out all the stops. You can pop on a playlist any time you like at home. You rarely get the chance to have a live band perform the songs you love in a beautiful setting surrounded by your friends and family. This is your big day; make it the magical experience you deserve!

Lasting memories

Lasting memories

Q. Our friends have recommend having a videographer, but we didn't put it in the budget. Should we move things around and prioritise booking one?

A. Helen Faubel says: I've never heard of anyone regretting having a videographer at their wedding, especially one who is discreet. The best filmmakers let the day unfold in front of their lens without any unnecessary staged shots or intrusive behaviour.

Most of my couples hardly realise I'm there, which means they can enjoy the day and not worry about the camera. It also means I'm able to capture those special moments that would otherwise be missed. This reportage style produces the best cinematic results, with brides and grooms looking natural on film.

While flowers fade and cakes get eaten, a wedding video can be treasured forever.

Drink it in

Drink it in

Q. We're having a Somerset-themed wedding but we can't decide what drinks to serve, as not everyone likes cider! What other options are there?

A. Penny Adair says: A Somerset wedding is the perfect time to sample something delicious that represents the West Country. Although Thatchers, the family cidermaker, is probably best known for the range of ciders it's been making at Myrtle Farm since 1904, it also produces its own West Country take on celebration bubbly.

Thatchers Family Reserve is a sparkling Somerset apple wine that embraces a rediscovered, century-old recipe by founder William Thatcher, using the first-pressed juice of the Katy apple. This special drink has light golden hues and a gentle fizz with a great combination of intensity, delicacy and length.

You could also opt for the new Thatchers Rosé. Made with a blend of naturally sweet, rosy-red dessert apples, it's a summery sparkling cider with fruity flavours.

A helping hand

A helping hand

Q. With the pressures of a full-time job, I'm feeling swamped by organising my nuptials. Is a wedding planner right for me?

A. Caroline Green says: Broadly speaking, a wedding planner offers professional support and guidance from the first point of contact to the wedding day. They usually help with developing the design concept, sourcing suppliers, admin tasks and on-the-day coordination. They can take on as much or as little of the organisation as you'd like, and as such most planners offer a range of services tailored to suit your needs.

For time-pressed couples, having a planner alleviates an enormous amount of pressure. When you first get engaged, trawling through magazines and venue brochures is fun. However, nailing down the options and creating a clear vision of the day can be stressful – particularly if you have minimal experience of pulling together large-scale events. Enlisting an experienced planner such as myself can be invaluable for managing the more time-consuming tasks, offering advice on big decisions and overseeing the whole process. This leaves you free to take care of the more enjoyable aspects of planning!