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Mum's the word

Mum's the word

Q. My mum is pretty trendy, but she has no idea what to wear to my wedding – help!

A. Caroline Kenshole says: So many of us mums don't know what to wear to our children's wedding, or even where to shop! There is so much fun to be had when looking for a wedding outfit. We love experimenting with our customers – trying different styles and colours and eliminating the ones that don't work.

We all have a comfort zone, and many of us keep wearing the same styles. However, as we get older our shapes change and sometimes we need to adapt accordingly. In the boutique, we'll encourage you to try things that you've never dreamed of wearing – and hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Once you have the outfit, we will help you choose a small fascinator or larger hatinator – and for some mums it just has to be a hat. You also want to be comfortable, so we offer elegant shoes in a range of heel heights, as well finishing off the look with the perfect bag.

Caroline Kenshole, Bellissimo Occasion Wear