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Colour pop!

Colour pop!

Q. We're having a quirky and colourful wedding. How do we incorporate this theme into our cake design?

A. Julia Moule says: There are so many different ways we can bring your cake to life with colour. My favourite way is with flowers. We can create delicate sugar roses, peonies and blossoms, all in a colour palette to complement your theme beautifully. Alternatively, fresh and silk blooms now come in an abundance of beautifully bright shades and make an excellent choice if you are working to a budget.

Ribbons are another great option to add a pop of colour. A beautiful loose silk bow cascading down a crisp white cake creates immediate impact, and the colour choices are endless.

Julia Moule,Wakey Cakey Kitchen


Sweet spots

Sweet spots

Q. We're having a relaxed wedding in July. What style of cake would suit our day?

A. Leah Coetzee says: For laid-back nuptials, lots of couples would automatically choose a buttercream style – but there are considerations to be made. If the wedding is outside or in a marquee on a hot day, then the cake won't last long in the heat. Timing is key, as you won't be able to have your bake on display all day as the butter content will melt and make it unstable.

Instead, try a traditional ganache and fondant covering as it's much more sturdy. You can still use real flowers to get a summery look, but I recommend sugar flowers as they are long-lasting and can be kept as a memento of the day.

Leah Coetzee,Pretty Cake Creations


Be bold

Be bold

Q. We're having a bold and vibrant wedding. How can we inject this into our cake design?

A. Leah Coetzee says: A great way to add a pop of colour is to use sugar flowers to bring your cake to life. Any shade or type of bloom can be made so you're not tied into seasons. If the flowers are super-realistic, then it gives extra wow factor for your guests when they find out they're edible.

Another way to create a bold design is to opt for an unusual base colour such as black. This creates a dramatic look and gives a great contrast against bright flowers. You could also consider a gold abstract design to give a metallic touch or create texture with ruffles.

Leah Coetzee


A slice of the action

A slice of the action

Q. What flavours and styles of cake work well for a laid-back outdoor summer wedding?

A. Kerry Hemms says: For a more relaxed feel, a naked or semi-naked design would work brilliantly. The only problem is that this style doesn't withstand heat very well. This means that if it's left outside in the sunshine, the edges of the cake may become dry and the filling could melt. To help prevent this, ask for the cake to be filled and covered with either whipped white chocolate ganache or a mix of ganache and buttercream. This'll give a firmer finish, make the cake more stable and keep in the moisture. If possible, a cake like this should be kept in a beer cellar or cold store until the last minute.

When thinking about decoration, sugar flowers would be better than fresh, as they won't wilt. A good cake maker can make florals that look as good as the real thing to match your theme. The best thing is you get to keep them afterwards! Fresh fruit is also a great option. Try strawberries, as their taste improves as they warm up.

In regard to flavours, think about what you love and what's seasonal. Your bake needs to be as spectacular on the inside as it is on the outside. Think zesty lemon sponge with tart raspberry compote or a vanilla sponge with strawberries and champagne filling. Both are real crowd-pleasers for sun-filled days.

Kerry Hemms

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