Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio, talks trends

Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio, talks trends We catch up with Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio, about which engagement ring and wedding band styles have stood the test of time. Each year, you'll see different pieces highlighted as the must-haves, thanks to celebrity engagements, royal weddings and even influencer input. After a chaotic 12 months where weddings have been pretty much halted, we wanted to look and see which ring trends and styles can snapshot this highly unusual year...

Wedding rings
The most sought-after metal for wedding bands in 2021 is still platinum. We noticed a drop in the popularity of rose gold, which was replaced by yellow gold as the second choice. Platinum's dominance is mostly down to its luxurious weighty feel and natural white colour, which makes it easy to maintain - ideal for busy people. As opposed to years gone by, the majority of women's wedding bands today are straight rings with micro-set diamonds, either in the pavé style, or in the scallop style which is an exciting twist on the plain wedding bands of the past.
Contoured, diamond-set wedding bands have also become a great option for those with an engagement ring that would not allow for a straight wedding band to sit flush against it. Different contour shapes exist with 'wishbone', 'pinch' and 'wave' shapes being the most popular, as well as a rise in demand for different shaped stones set in a single band.
Men's wedding bands have also taken a more opulent turn, with a wide wedding ring with a single, bezel-set diamond an option that increasing numbers are choosing to opt for.

Engagement rings
Halo rings have remained a great choice to visually enlarge the central diamond or highlight a coloured gemstone, however there has been a move away from larger melee stones in favour of dainty diamonds for a more subtle halo. We have also noticed a steep increase in the number of diamond-set solitaires we are making, including the diamond set 'hidden halo' or 'bridge' which gives a decorative touch to the overall look of the engagement ring.
Trilogies get an honourable mention as they became frequently purchased after Meghan Markle was seen sporting one on her engagement finger. The round centre stone with pear-shaped side stones is the go-to trilogy style, which looks elegant on any hand. Round brilliant-cut diamonds have always been the first choice for most people when it comes to engagement rings but, in recent times, oval-shaped diamonds have been on the rise because they visually elongate the finger and appear larger for the same carat weight. Pear shapes, which were trendy a couple of years ago, as well as cushion-cut diamonds seem to be less fashionable now, but there has been a rising demand in emerald-cut diamonds. However, with the increased public interest in coloured stones, sapphires have become the alternative to the round brilliant diamond and they are usually set in a halo or coronette of diamonds.

Whatever you choose, the importance is in the story, not the stone.

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