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Your Love Story should be told, captured, and celebrated.

You are perfect and wonderfully made, unique in every way. It's this that makes your wedding stand apart from all others.

Maple and Fleur are built on a foundational belief - we want to create timeless images of you and your loved ones for your wedding day. But first, we need to listen to what makes you tick, 'what gives you butterflies, and what you love about' each other. We love to hear all about You. Understanding what makes you go wow helps us create the images you’ll love.

For us, relationships are so important, in the months and weeks leading to your wedding day, and especially on the day, there is no one more important than You.

This is your experience.

These are your memories for the next generation to enjoy. Your values are so important to us, we want to make this perfect for you. Here is the cool thing about running our business based on this foundational belief…we have found that when we put relationships first, we end up with truly breathtaking photographs.

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