These are the wedding speech trends to look out for in 2020 - with Bristol's Speechy

These are the wedding speech trends to look out for in 2020 - with Bristol's Speechy: Image 1 Modern couples are ditching the traditional top table line-up and doing wedding speeches their way. The award-winning comedy writers at Speechy reveal their favourite speech trends for 2020.

With all the detail that goes into wedding planning, speeches all too-often come as an afterthought. But more couples are discovering that words are an awesome way to adorn their day, and speeches are becoming more creative than ever.

Remember though – bigger and better definitely doesn't mean longer. Aim to speak for less than ten minutes to keep guests happy. Surprise them, delight them, but always leave them wanting more.

Here's our guide to delivering a speech fit for 2020...

Spaced Out Speeches
We're not suggesting you spike your dad's Prosecco. Rather than give the speeches before or after the meal, speakers are increasingly doing their thing between courses. Some couples are even leaving the best man speech for when the evening guests arrive (this one comes with a hazard warning though – the later the speech, the more alcohol consumed).

Holy Union
Joint speeches have long been popular with same-sex couples, and now we're seeing a rise in 'Mr & Mrs' speeches. A joint speech allows both the bride and groom to thank everyone and have a laugh together. If done well, they can be a source of great humour – and guests love them.

Open Mic
Good god no, not wedding karaoke. Lots of us are borrowing tradition from our Scandinavian friends and inviting any wedding guest who's up for it to say a few words – a sort of speech smorgasbord, if you like. This tactic might give you some surprising, lovely and, crucially, funny results.

Mobile Ban
Don't let screen time sabotage your marriage! Over the last five years more grooms have been resorting to reading their speech from their phones. Argh. Go old school with your notes. Quality cue cards or A4 please.

#ThisBride Will
How barmy is it that the bride isn't 'supposed' to speak at her own wedding? Women are finally disrupting the three-bloke line up and grabbing the mic. It makes sense for the bride to return some compliments to her gorgeous new husband. We're calling this the Meghan Markle effect.

Keep it Current
We're seeing a departure from old-school jokes and grubby gags, and a move toward classy humour. Speakers are rejecting Google in favour of real-life anecdotes. Note – this definitely doesn't spare the groom an epic comedy roast.

Exploiting the Experts
More of you are viewing your speech as a moment worth investing in and bringing in the pros to help you decorate your wedding with words. A decent speechwriter will really get to know their client and create a fresh, funny narrative with knock-out lines, all in a tone that's unmistakably 'you'.

Tequila Toasts
Champagne is nice, but it isn't the be-all and end-all at weddings; personalise your toast with your favourite tipple – Scrumpy, Guinness, Ouzo, whatever toots your flute.

Power Down the PowerPoint
Video montages, props, Mr and Mrs quizzes, and the dreaded PowerPoint - we've seen it all. However, no amount of visual aids will get the big belly laughs inspired by a well-rehearsed, anecdote-filled narrative. Get back to good old fashioned story-telling.

Speechy is a bespoke speech writing service, helping couples around the world add an awesome moment to their day. Find out how it can help you at

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