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Meet Sarah Hackett of Rookery Bridal

Detailed back of wedding dress Tell us about Rookery Bridal...
Rookery Bridal is an independent boutique, located just outside Rooksbridge, Somerset. I own it with my manager Emma Nelson. Owning and operating the business means we really do care! We feel we are different because of our exceptional customer service – this boutique is run with love! We go out of our way to make sure our brides feel special, as they should do. Of course, that is helped by the fact we have a huge selection of gowns too, from various award-winning designers. Our gowns are priced to suit most budgets and to accommodate all our brides' lovely figures too. 

What's your background and why did you launch your business?
I've always had a love for weddings since training as a florist. I married in 2013 and found that my experiences at bridal boutiques weren't what I had hoped for. I set out to launch my own company to give brides an amazing experience – giving them the time and attention that they need to make their special purchase. Sixteen months ago, I extended my empire by purchasing Rookery Bridal. 

What's new at the boutique for brides to see when you reopen?
The boutique itself! Rookery Bridal moved to its forever home in December 2020 and we had hoped to open in January 2021. We can't wait for all our brides to see the beautiful new boutique. It's stocked with lots of new styes and new bridal designers and we cannot wait to share it with everyone.

What's your top tip for brides choosing their dress?
Be open minded! It's great to do some research before coming along to a bridal fitting to get an idea of styles. However, the best thing you can do is trust your consultant – you'd be amazed how many times the curveball' turns out to be the one

What's the most common question brides ask you and what's your answer?
We regularly get asked: "How many dresses can I try on?" Our answer is that you can try as many as you like; we want you to get this right and feel completely happy, so please don't worry.

Sarah Hackett | Rookery Bridal 
www.rookerybridal.co.uk | www.facebook.com/rookerybridal   

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