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Celebrant-led ceremonies are the new must-have

celebrant standing next to railings at beach Credit: Just Us PhotographyJulie Bisacre, a wedding celebrant covering the South West, highlights to Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding readers the benefits of hiring a celebrant for your ceremony.

"So many weddings were unfortunately postponed from 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is inevitable that 2022 will be frantically busy with patient couples seizing their chance to have the wedding of their dreams," shares Julie. "It's also very interesting that more and more couples seek out a wedding celebrant to create, write and deliver their ceremonies. If you are one of these couples, you may have some burning questions as many people are still largely unaware of what a Celebrant actually does – or that it was even an option."
Read on to find out more from Julie...

What is the role of a wedding celebrant?
Ideally a celebrant should be well trained and can write and delivery any type of ceremony. The celebrant will meet with you and through an informal interview will discover all your hopes and visions for the day, as well as to suggest some unique enhancements for the ceremony. The idea is that this is not a 'cookie cutter' ceremony where names of the couple can be inserted. On the contrary, their role is to create a completely personalised and bespoke ceremony that you and your guests will talk about long after the day.

By booking a Celebrant for your service, you can have the vows you want, the music you want, the readings you want. It can be themed, if you so wish; it can be modest or extravagant; it can be gentle or 'all singing and dancing'. Quite simply - your wedding can be your day - your way. The celebrant can even take your 'basic thoughts' and embellish it with their own suggestions and ideas. And you can have as much or as little religious content as you wish. For example, if you and your partner are of different religions, you can have a blend from your different beliefs and cultures. This often makes for richly diverse ceremony full of symbolism and meaning.

Is a celebrant the same as a registrar?
A registrar works at the register office. They can carry out the legal paperwork required to complete a legal wedding ceremony. Their role is purely secular and will involve filling in the paperwork for the marriage certificate. They are in charge of processing and approving the marriage licence. They do not include any spiritual or religious elements. If budgets are tight, it is an option to do this part of the process mid-week when the register office fees are cheaper and more dates are available.
Once the 'admin' is completed the wedding celebrant can deliver the wedding ceremony itself. The celebrant meets them at the venue and officiates their bespoke ceremony in front of their family and friends. The vows and the ring exchange happens here rather than at the register office. The vows can be written by yourselves or your celebrant will help and guide you.

couple at ceremony How much does a wedding celebrant cost?
You should expect to pay between £500-£750 for a civil wedding ceremony depending on the length and amount of work the celebrant has been asked to carry out. The paperwork at the register office should take less than 10 minutes and will cost around £60.

How do I choose a celebrant?
Celebrants come in all shapes and sizes and their styles can vary enormously. Local internet searches will show you who is near you and you may call them to discuss their approach to see if it suits you. I have a wealth of experience and even train other celebrants, so couples can rest assured you're in a safe pair of hands.

For further information email, celebrant-julie@hotmail.com, or call on 07727 426 654.
Check out celebrantjuliebisacre.com | facebook.com/professionalcelebrantjulie

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