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Expert tips for elevating your drinks offering

guests at a wedding raising their glasses for a toast From cocktail stations to party favours, David Cooper from glassware company Forever Crystal shares his top tips on how to get creative with your drinks on the big day. Here are four inspiration ideas for your wedding drinks and toast with something special when you say, 'I do'!

two glass drinks kegs with glasses on a table Signature cocktails
While you might want to give your guests an open bar, hiring bar staff and footing the bill can end up being an expensive gesture. One way to sidestep this added cost while still providing some free refreshment is to make your own batch of signature cocktails.

Choose two mixed drinks or cocktails that you know your guests love and stock up on plenty of ingredients before the big day. For a spring or summer wedding, mixed drinks like Pimm's and lemonade or gin and elderflower tonic are great options, especially as you can provide bowls of fruit and mint leaves to use as a garnish.

Lay out enough formal glassware for each guest and serve your signature cocktails either in punch bowls or in glass drinks dispensers with homemade labels. You could even task an artsy friend (or your fiancé) with drawing a decorative sign for the drinks table, which announces your signature tipples and tells everyone to help themselves.


two hands holding a wedding favour shot DIY Cocktail bar
To take this DIY element to the next level, why not set up a cocktail making station? On another homemade sign, include some basic measurements and instructions for each cocktail so that your guests know how to make their drinks— keep it simple with classic recipes like mojitos or sangria. Ensure you not only have plenty of alcohol, but also that you provide enough mixers, garnishes, and measuring equipment to make plenty of drinks.

This can make a great activity for your guests while they wait for the bride to arrive, or in the break between finishing the ceremony and hitting the dancefloor. Try to include a non-alcoholic option for any children at your wedding, or just for the adults who don't want to wake up with a headache the morning after.

Make it personal
One way to get creative with the drinks at your wedding is by using them to thank everyone who helped the big day run smoothly. Engrave a quality piece like a crystal decanter or a brandy glass with the date and a heartfelt message, and present these to the best man, maid-of-honour, or your parents to end your night on a truly special note. They can save these as a memento of your wedding day and use them for special family gatherings in the future.

Party favours
Finally, why not incorporate your drinks into the party favours? Buy a pack of small glass vials, making sure they're large enough to fit a shot of spirit inside (or a double, if you're feeling thirsty). Be sure to check they can be plugged properly to prevent any spillages when transporting your decorations and party favours to the venue. You can then attach a tag to each bottle listing the date, venue, and the happy couple's initials, or a fun slogan like "We tied the knot, now take a shot."

Bottoms up! Place these either in gift bags or at each place setting, so that after the best man or maid of honour's toast you can all drink to the happy couple. Your guests can then save these as a memento of such a special day. Bring some DIY into your wedding prep and use these tips to elevate your drinks selection.

If you're still in the process of planning your special day, be sure to check out all of our wedding inspiration and editor's picks here at County Wedding Magazines.

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