We catch up with Chi Chi London about their top tips for spring weddings

We catch up with Chi Chi London about their top tips for spring weddings We catch up with Chi Chi London about their top tips for wedding dressing this spring. Rose Adams tells us, "While it's no secret that summer is the most popular season for weddings, you might be surprised at just how beautiful a spring ceremony can be. From stunning blossom backdrops to cosy receptions, a wedding in spring is packed with unique possibilities. With a little extra planning, you can make your wedding special yet budget-friendly. We've created ten tips and tricks to make your spring wedding an unforgettable event.

Weather watch
Spring in the UK is known to be a little unpredictable. Being prepared when it comes to the weather is crucial if you want the ceremony to be a success. Keep your guests warm and comfortable by creating a wonderfully cosy atmosphere. Whatever the venue, make sure your guests don't get wet.

Layering up
You should bear in mind the outfits chosen for your bridal party when it comes to the spring weather. Velvet, tartan and wool are all suitable fabrics in terms of warmth. Neutral colours, such as champagne hues from Chi Chi London's latest collection, are the perfect pick for your bridesmaid's dresses.

Scented candles
The spring season wouldn't be complete without the cosy flickering of candles. Whether they're scented or not, candles can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your wedding and suit the spring season. We would recommend some aromatic sakura blossom-scented candles decorated with petal foliage.

There's nothing like a warm cup of tea! We'd recommend offering some warm drinks on the day as well as chilled beverages. Go the extra mile with some spring cocktails to get the party started.

Embrace the festivities
Who doesn't like Easter? Embrace the festivities of the season by decorating your tables and venue with an egg hunt for the little ones. Choose pastel colours for decor and dresses, ideal for this time of the year.

Floral decorations
No wedding is complete without a stunning floral arrangement. For a spring wedding, the options are endless. We'd suggest choosing bright and colourful blooms to liven up the space. 

Cosy and warm
Create a cosy, comfy space with blankets and throws to match the cushions and soft furnishings.

Weddings abroad
Considering a wedding abroad when restrictions have lifted? Potentially for spring 2022, Spain or France should be high on your list to consider.

Same budget, bigger venue
With the summer months taking up the majority of bookings, the spring season tends to be a lot cheaper. With the extra cash you save by booking in spring, you can invest in your dream wedding dress.

Sparkling sequins
You could argue that your wedding dress is the most important aspect of your wedding as brides tend to keep them for life. A sequin dress will look exquisite as you're walking down the aisle and is a great way to add a touch of sparkle.

To shop for bridesmaids' and guest dresses, visit https://www.chichiclothing.com

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