Fashion expert reveals their top tips to style the soft colour blocking trend

woman in yellow trousers green top and purple shirt sat on a chair On Thursday 9th June on This Morning, Gok Wan revealed that soft colour blocking is set to be the latest fashion trend that everyone should be aware of.

Colour blocking is the sartorial art of blocking colours together in a stylish way without being unappealing to the eye; and the spring/summer collections were beaming with colour blocking outfits at the last fashion weeks - ideal for those looking for their wedding guest attire for a bumper summer of wedding engagements!

To make colour blocking "soft", you simply pair neutral and pastel colours rather than bright colours. Sales of coloured clothing has skyrocketed in the spring months, with brands sharing the love for colour, including luxury cashmere brand, N.Peal, who has shared their top tips on how to wear the soft colour blocking trend.

1.Pick colours that are not too contrasting
In other words, make sure that the hues that you're blocking reside in the same camp: in this case pastels with pastels.

2.Pick elements of the colour wheel
For colour blocking, it's often useful to pick certain areas of the colour wheel and pair these colours together. For example oranges and reds will pair well together as they lie next to each other on the colour wheel.

3.Add colour through accessories
If colour isn't your go-to when selecting your outfit, but you feel like you want to start including it in your style, then adding colourful accessories is the best way. It fully embraces the soft colour blocking trend as well as broadening your outfits.

4.Try tonal colour blocking
Another trend Gok Wan mentioned was tonal colour blocking, this is great if you have different tones of the same colour that give the aesthetic of colour blocking but with one specific colour. If pink is your favourite colour then try not pairing vibrant pink jeans with a pastel pink top for the perfect summer look.

Jo McLaren, Head of E-Commerce at N.Peal added "Colour blocking has been seen in fashion shows, retail sites and even on our own website. This summer it's time to dial it down a bit and opt for soft colour blocking with pastel and neutral tones. Our tips can help you nail this latest fashion trend, without worrying that you've overdone it.

"Colour blocking is all about the science of colour. What colours are complementary? What colours lie next to each other on the colour wheel? This is also known as analogous colour schemes. These are key things to think about when deciding which colours to add to your next outfit."

N.Peal have recently launched a range of colourful clothing with Pantone, in celebration of all things colour and it's growing popularity in fashion. Find out more on the N.Peal website.

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