We spoke to Lynne Panes from Rustic Rentals to find out more about her company

Table plan Credit: www.caitlinandjones.co.ukLynne Panes from Rustic Rentals tells us about her company.

Hi Lynne. Tell us a bit about yourself!
"I’ve always had a passion for interior design and love using different colour palettes, textures, materials and repurposing items in a creative way. I get the same thrill and passion working with our couples to create the wedding of their dreams now as I did from my career of many years working as a chartered quantity surveyor.

"My inspiration for Rustic Rentals came about after planning our daughter’s wedding in 2014. I got well and truly bitten by the wedding planning, décor and styling bug. This is where my love for decorating barns started as she tied the knot in a listed Cotswold barn, where the design called for authentic vintage items. Unable to find a company offering such a hire service locally, I started visiting brocantes and flea markets curating our own collection."

What can you offer couples for their wedding day?
"I love to help couples create beautiful, timeless, elegant, aspirational and unique weddings. I offer styling, décor hire and on-the-day set up and encourage our nearlyweds to bring both their individuality and personality to their big days. I love to repurpose items, adding modern accessories. I’m a bit of a chameleon in that I adore so many styles from rustic to timeless chic, boho to modern minimalist and even industrial. Everything is always paired with beautiful florals, elegant candles and fabrics."

Tell us about your sustainability ethos.
"I’m passionate about the environment – reducing our impact on our beautiful planet. I spent the latter 10 years of my construction career working with the likes of Tesco and Waitrose to help them become more sustainale through the design and construction process.

"Hiring décor reduces the amount of new items being made, bought and ultimately ending up in landfill. It also removes additional packaging and plastic used. Then, by reusing, repurposing and upcycling items we also contribute to improving our sustainability. We re-use all of our props and packaging."

What’s your favourite prop from your range?
"It has to be our vintage Indian cart made from an old door from India. Closely followed by Betty, our baker’s bike and my French vintage wheelbarrows. They all have a history that only they know – some items come with initials and I’d love to know their back story!"
Find out more at www.rusticrentals.co.uk

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