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With an opulent palette of navy and gold this team created a shoot full of drama and elegance.

"We've wanted to do a styled shoot with Crowcombe Court since before Covid,” Paul Warren of Maple & Fleur Photography shares. So, when the chance presented itself he and his team of local professionals wanted to go all out and do the best they could. They chose a navy and gold palette as it's a theme they all love, but not one they often see at weddings. “We wanted something small and unique that shouted opulence,” Paul explains. “So, we went with a navy base and brought in blue floral and gold accents with the cutlery and styling.”

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Flowers are absolutely integral to shaping your big-day theme and can't help but bring an air of romance to proceedings. Whether you're all for the more is more approach, or prefer a minimalist interpretation, you might have some burning questions when it comes to this element of your to-do list. Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding is here to help, with assistance from some of the region's talented wedding florists.

Clare Wilder from Clementine Moon Floral Design says, “The trend for neutrally-coloured flowers is set to change with couples opting to add other hues such as lilac into the mix for an up-to-date twist. Nearlyweds may also choose monochrome palettes with shades and tones of only one colour used throughout.

“Shower and cascade bouquets will rise in popularity and we'll see a rise in single variety bouquets for bridesmaids, all roses or all sweet peas for example. But, installations such as dramatic arches or hanging displays are likely to be bigger than ever as couples want to make a statement with their décor to create the perfect atmosphere as they celebrate with their nearest and dearest.”

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Somerset ceremonies will be getting an exciting refresh in 2023. Somerset Registration Service has launched a survey to help them rewrite ceremonies that reflect what couples want. If you feel like sharing your thoughts on your ideal big day, now is the perfect time to have your say.

Readings, personal vows, optional extras, planning meetings, even the style of the ceremony itself, everything is up for review, and the team is keen to hear your ideas. Modern or traditional, relaxed or formal, just the basics or something elaborate: what kind of day is your dream wedding?

The online survey will be open until the end of January and is available to the already married, nearly married or the hoping-to-be married alike. Read more about it and complete the survey at

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Elizabeth met Jack while working at Cineworld. She'd just finished her degree in the U.S. and he was in his last year at university. Although the pair had mutual friends, they'd never met until this point. Elizabeth tells us, “A co-worker told me that she thought I'd really like Jack, and she wasn't wrong! I'd definitely say it was an instant attraction on my part, but it did take him a few months to ask me out on our first date.”

Jack proposed to Elizabeth on her birthday at The Ivy in Bath. “When we arrived at our table a member of staff asked if we'd like to see the outside terrace, and as we headed out I knew Jack was about to propose. He started: 'There's a reason I've brought you up here today...' After that I had tunnel vision until the moment I could accept,” Elizabeth shares. This was actually the back-up plan as Jack had hoped to pop the question on the bridge in Prior Park earlier that morning, but it had closed due to windy weather. But, Elizabeth says, “It didn't matter where he asked me the question, the answer would always be, 'Yes'.”

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The wedding cake: sweet treat, reception dessert or showstopping centrepiece? Who's to say it can't be all three? Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, the big-day bake has been an enduring tradition and wedding stalwart since couples first said “I do.” Its origins are thought to date back to Ancient Rome when a cake of wheat or barley was broken over the bride's head to signify good fortune. Thankfully, you won't be forced to wear the delicacy today, so it's something that's well worth thinking about. The modern cake maker is now more versatile than ever and can whip you up a sweet showstopper big enough to take the place of your wedding breakfast dessert, or be served at your evening reception. Handing around the slices is also a lovely way of making sure you get to see all of your guests. Alternatively, there's the option to have a spectacular tower made up of cupcakes or macarons, even doughnuts if you prefer. And don't forget, a cheese stack is a great choice if you fancy something savoury.

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Gillian Cook from Gillian Rachel Elizabeth tells us how to achieve a Hollywood-inspired look.

"To achieve this luxurious classic look, combine sensational wavy hair with luscious bold lips and big beautiful eyes. This timeless make-up has transcended the years and what better place to wear it than down the aisle on your special day. When you look back at all the classic Hollywood beauties, they all have one thing in common, a flawless complexion. Creating this poreless, flawless skin makes for the perfect base for your Hollywood lips and allows your eyes to shine. Combine this with a statement feline flick of liner to make your peepers pop and complete with a deliciously bold matte lip."

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Abi and Tom met online and talked for a few months before taking the plunge and meeting up for a first date. They soon discovered much common ground such as playing sport, their taste in music and a love for travel. Abi says, “I was attracted to Tom's great sense of humour, his positive outlook on life and his outgoing personality.” Meanwhile, Tom tells us, “Abi immediately caught my eye with her warm smile and deep green eyes. I fell in love with her sense of adventure, kind and caring nature and passion for the outdoors. We complement each other in so many ways and she makes me a better person every day.”

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Amy and Andrew met as teenagers when Amy would visit her auntie and uncle over the summer holidays – Andrew lived opposite them. One day, 12-year-old Amy went for a run around the village and got lost, so Andrew was sent out to find her. That was their first encounter, and during one of her subsequent visits he was her first kiss. She visited most summers and although they lived four hours apart, the two remained friends through social media. Years went by and they both met someone and each had a child with their respective partners, but the relationships weren't right and once they'd become single again they got back in touch. Following the first lockdown in 2020, they decided to bite the bullet and meet up. Amy tells us, “This felt risky to me as I knew we'd have feelings for each other and I didn't want to ruin our friendship. It was indeed love at first sight... again. Andrew always says that as soon as he saw me that day he knew I was the one he was going to marry.”

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The idea behind this local shoot was to show that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. “We shouldn't have to change our style or who we are to conform with what society deems to be a beautiful bride,” shoot coordinator Susanne Clark from Louisa Jackson Bridal and Bridal Reloved Street explains. Indeed, as we always say: do your wedding your way and you can't go far wrong.

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Whether you have 150 guests or 15, the rollercoaster of wedding-day emotions is ever present, from pre- ceremony nerves through to dancefloor elation. It's these special moments that make your big-day memories so special and your photographer will be there to beautifully immortalise every one. So, to celebrate weddings big and small, we asked the Maple and Fleur Photography to share one of their favourite emotive shots.

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