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Choosing your big-day photographer can be a tricky business. So, our photography feature in the Oct/Nov23 issue is here to help you navigate the minefield, filled with advice from the region's wedding photographers.

Em and Woz (https://emwoz.co) say, “When it's time to chat with your potentials, note whether they're listening to your requirements – do you gel and are you both reading off the same page? Wedding photographers aren't there to dominate you or your day, they're there to document it as it unfolds without causing stress or being obtrusive. So, meetings are an ideal way to get a feel for whether you're going to get along. Also, find out what you're getting for your money. Do they include an engagement shoot or is there any extra cost? Is travel included? How many photographers do they provide? How long will it take for your photos to be processed?”

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When the Bath Weddings team got the opportunity to work with Bath Registry Office at their prime venue, Guildhall, all involved jumped at the chance. With such a spectacular location, it demanded a team of the very best wedding suppliers in Bath and Somerset. With that settled, a palette of bright pastels emerged, coupled with an elegant vibe, and a modern fashion edge.

Along with some long standing members, the Bath Weddings team also got to work with some new suppliers, including musical duo Skarlette, bringing both beautiful vocal harmony and youthful charm. Featuring award-winning stationery design, an incredible wedding cake, plus hair accessories and jewellery to complement the theme, it was all up to the team behind the cameras to capture the hard work as creatively as they could.

Discover the full shoot, catpured by South West Wedding Photography (www.southwestweddingphotography.co.uk) at Guildhall Bath (https://beta.bathnes.gov.uk/guildhall-bath) in the Oct/Nov23 issue of Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding, free to download now at www.yourbristolsomerset.wedding/free-download
Real wedding couple Michelle and Paul descended the stairs at Leigh Court separately with Paul waiting at the bottom for Michelle. They then walked down the aisle together. Michelle says, "It was so special and we were so pleased we did it the way we envisioned."

Find out more about their big day at Leigh Court (www.leighcourt.co.uk), photographed by Interlace Photography (www.interlacephotography.co.uk) in the Oct/Nov23 issue of Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding, free to download now at www.yourbristolsomerset.wedding/free-download
Shoot coordinator and wedding planner Samantha Smart from Wedding Regency (www.weddingregency.com), had a vision of a dressed table in the middle of a flower meadow with the newlyweds raising a toast to each other. Luckily, Aizel Finch from Yalham Hayes (www.yalhamhayes.com) owns a flower farm and was on board with the idea. “She planted a beautiful summery meadow,” Samantha says. “But thanks to the British weather, we were unable to spend too much time outside and were forced to rethink the whole thing.” The team quickly agreed to use the barn instead, and the result was a great success.

Flowers from the farm were used in the models' hair, as well as on the cake and tables. Meanwhile, the tablescape and tree were styled like a dream, and the complementary stationery worked beautifully with the theme.

Discover the full shoot in the Oct/Nov23 issue of Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding, free to download now at www.yourbristolsomerset.wedding/free-download
Just because you've set enough budget aside to cater for 100 guests, doesn't necessarily mean you need to invite that many. If you decide to halve that or even cut it down to a third for the same budget, you'd be looking at quality over quantity. For so many of us food tells a story and is a crucial part of any wedding day, so if it's the area you've both chosen to prioritise you really could go all out!

Jo Cranston at Queen & Whippet (https://queeandwhippet.com) has a great example: “Our head chef and co-owner Pete can custom-design a menu with a high level of detail and intricacy. We ask our couples to think of food they've enjoyed together on travels, at important moments such as what they ate on their first date, and what favourites they share. Pete will incorporate elements of these memories into a bespoke, playful and refined menu that encourages interactivity and conversation, like the seven-course tasting menu we created for a recent cultural fusion wedding for 10 guests. Every dish was designed to be a tale unfolding, reflecting the couple's shared story and personal tastes. They chose to reference how well they knew their guests, incorporating the preferences of their friends and family through favourite drinks choices. Additionally, some complex dietary requirements were considered so every guest felt included. With all diners at one table, Pete was able to introduce every course, detailing the inspiration, method and ingredients, which added a theatrical and fun element."

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Loved by the editor at Your Bristol and Somerset Wedding magazine
The UK is brimming with creativity, inspiration, arts and innovation but Bristol has been named the number one must-see for creative types. Aura Print (aura-print.com/uk) ranked the most creative and artistic UK cities, taking into the account the number of art galleries, museums, theatres, comedy clubs, and street art, as well as the top universities for art and design courses and this was the conclusion they reached. So, if you're looking for a city that's thriving with culture, arts and creativity, look no further than our beloved Bristol.
Bristol is one of the leading UK cities for street art, boasting more than 153k Instagram posts capturing the colourful streets of the city. With sites and events such as The Mild Mild West, an early Banksy mural, to Upfest, Europe's largest street art and graffiti festival, you'll never be short of a perfect culture moment to shower you with inspiration, or of a memorable wedding-day photo backdrop. The vibrant streets of Bristol are not the only spots for creatives to take in the local artistry, there's also 27 art galleries, 15 theatres and eight comedy clubs to immerse yourself in.
With all of the showstopping real weddings and shoots we get to feature in Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding, we reckon the creative flair of the city has rubbed off on its couples and talented wedding suppliers!

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There's an emerging trend that we love where brides are switching up their look from afternoon to evening, and real bride Hannah did so in style!

Straight after their first dance, she went upstairs with her bridesmaids and hair stylist Amy from Revive to get her hair chopped! She'd been growing it out for months and wanted to get it cut before their honeymoon, so she thought this was the perfect opportunity! As you can imagine, there was much fun and laughter in the bathroom while getting it done.

When she came back down everyone was shocked and absolutely loved her new hair and dress. She'd decided to change too as she wanted the day to be formal and the evening to have a major party vibe.

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Squeaky kids' party balloons are a thing of the past, instead a new breed of balloons have now found a forever home in wedding venue styling. I love the neutral tones of this welcome sign balloon display at Anna and Mat's wedding. Who knew balloons could be so classy?!

You can read all about Anna and Mat's big day in the Oct/Nov23 issue of Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding, COMING SOON. Download it free at www.yourbristolsomerset.wedding/free-download

Balloons by Balloons & Ribbons, https://balloonsandribbons.co.uk
Ellen wore Tiana by Margot Bridal on her big day.

She walked past Parham House Brides (www.parhamhousebrides.co.uk) in Dunster every day as a little girl knowing she wanted to get her getting dress from there.

"Susan was just magical," she says. "I ended up choosing the first dress I put on. Mum couldn't stop crying! It was off-the-shoulder and just me all over."

Find our more about the say she married Alex in the current issue, free to download at www.yourbristolsomerset.wedding/free-download
Loved by the editor at Your Bristol and Somerset Wedding magazine
I love these pressed flower earrings by Olive & Ivy which feature in our jewellery feature this issue. Business owner Kelly says: "I offer bespoke flower preservation services which are unique and tailored to each individual. Having nearly 10 years experience of drying, pressing and preserving flowers, I ensure that your flowers are preserved to the highest standard and in the most natural way as possible. Whether you want to display your flowers in a wall frame, have it turned into a piece of jewellery or even create a custom piece of home decor, I have the expertise and experience to make it happen."

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