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My aim is to bring freshly produced local food to the community.

I've been cooking since I was young, starting in the family home where I found my passion for food. In my early 20's I started my career in

the world of restaurants, starting as a waiter, then as a restaurant manager and eventually ending up with my own restaurant in Cape Town.

After moving to the UK in the early 2000's I then decided to make my services more mobile and started catering for weddings and events.

I loved how this opportunity opened me up to so many different experiences and locations, catering in grand Manor's one weekend, to a Tipi in a woodland, then a small intimate dinner in a family home as a private chef.

No matter the location, I always aim to work with local, seasonal and fresh produce, creating classic favourites that are a real crowd pleaser through to creative combinations that enhance any event.

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