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Green fingers

Green fingers

Q. We're trying to make our big day as sustainable as possible. How can we extend this ethos to our wedding rings?

A. Christina Oswin says: Your wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment to your partner: an ethos that can reach beyond your relationship to the natural world and the communities responsible for sourcing the raw materials. There are so many ways of making your wedding rings beautiful through and through. For example, our stock rings are made using recycled silver, gold or platinum and we make bespoke items using Fairtrade gold or refashion your own family gold into a new piece.

Gemstones too can be ethical and sustainable. We use fully-traceable Fairtrade sapphires and precious gemstones. Our engagement rings are set with alluvial Ocean Diamonds, found on the ocean floor by expert divers, then cut by artisan cutters. These beautiful stones are sustainable with provenance.

Our white gold items aren't rhodium plated, as the plating process involves toxic chemicals and we strive to have minimal environmental impact from our workshop practices. This means that the white gold items we produce will remain the same colour without needing expensive re-plating, instead we clean and polish all our pieces free of charge to keep them looking stunning.

Christina Oswin, Christina Oswin Jewellery