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Band of gold

Band of gold

Q. My partner and I are looking for personal wedding bands to reflect us. What do you suggest?

A. Julia Thompson says: I offer couples the chance to make their own wedding rings on a one-day course in my South Somerset studio. You can choose to make them from recycled silver, Fairtrade gold or an amalgamation of both precious metals. You can even incorporate a family heirloom such as your great-grandmother's wedding ring. This will create a truly sentimental and personal piece.

Couples love that they can personalise their bands with different textures using embossing hammers, patterned stamps or even by fusing gold dust to silver – or vice versa – for a real stardust look. With letter and number punches, you can add a personal message or your initials to the inside of the band. Finally, there are a few different finishing options including high polish, an oxidised antique look or satin sheen.

It's a lovely day for just the two of you, and no experience is necessary. I guide you every step of the way from the initial design to two professionally finished rings, which are full of love and meaning.

Julia Thompson,Julia Thompson Jewellery