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Small but perfectly formed

Small but perfectly formed

Q. We've had to cut back our guest list. How can we still get the party going and what entertainment do you suggest for a smaller group?

A. Phil Makespace says: We're never ones to wait until the evening to have a party. We've been entertaining guests and having fun from the wedding breakfast onwards for years! Now is a great time to consider a more intimate day-only celebration, which includes having entertainment much earlier in the day.

Our trained wedding hosts are brimming with ideas. They can hold a best man's speech sweepstake, host a fun (not cheesy!) quiz on the newlyweds, or how about playing the shoe game during the breakfast? We also love a great entrance. So much fun and laughter can be incorporated into the wedding breakfast entrance. And it's not only the couple that can be involved. Using the bridal party in the introductions is a great way of deflecting attention away from a shyer couple.

We recently had a guest say to us that it was the best and most fun wedding they'd ever been to – and this was before the evening reception had even started!

Phil Makespace,Celebration Roadshow


Turn it up

Turn it up

Q. My partner wants to put on a playlist for our wedding. How do I convince him that live music is best?

A. Andrew Colman says: There really is nothing like the sound, energy and excitement of having a live band perform at your wedding! Real music played by real musicians judging the mood of the room and interacting with the audience creates an atmosphere that doesn't compare to an empty stage with an iPad and speakers. If you do your research and pick the right band for you, then you will be dancing with your nearest and dearest all night, enjoying an amazing evening after the perfect day!

Andrew Colman,Brass Junkies


Night fever

Night fever

Q. We want a DJ for our wedding, but how do we make sure we have music that reflects our tastes and not just cheesy tunes?

A. Phill Makepeace says: Finding the right DJ is so much more than just finding someone to stick on some tunes. Wedding days are filled with love, friendship, emotions and memories; choosing a great DJ will ensure all of these things are continued well beyond the first dance. On the subject of the first dance, this is the highlight of your evening celebration and should be set up and introduced by your DJ with all the love such a moment deserves.

Ensuring your music reflects your preferences is key to a great party. The best way to do this is by engaging with your DJ on the phone or preferably in person before you confirm your booking. It's important that your chosen expert can provide the type of music and atmosphere you're after at the most important party you'll ever throw.

Some DJs offer some sort of music selection, either via email or with online tools. Use these – they're you're friend! The more insight your DJ has into who you are, the better they can tailor the music to your tastes.

Songs that have special meaning should all be given credit. Perhaps you have a favourite song from a holiday or college nights out – they'll all trigger great memories for your guests. Don't forget the hen and stag do anthems!

Lastly, don't overthink it – choose an expert and give them the right information, and they'll do that for you.

Phill Makepeace

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