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Snap happy

Snap happy

Q How can we personalise our photo booth experience for our wedding?
A Charlotte Williams says: The very best thing about photo booths is that they're memory makers, and as such should be personalised to reflect you and your wedding day. We love to make our couples' wedding photo booths scream their personalities, and we can do this in so many different ways. Here's just a few of our all-time favourites!

- Personalised props. We hand make our props in house, which means anything is possible. The most favourite prop I've ever made was the likeness of a couple's British bulldog!

- The prints. Spent a fortune on wedding stationery? Why not trickle that over to your photo booth prints? We encourage our couples to share their stationery with us so we can match as closely as possible to the aesthetic of their day.

- The capture options. Perhaps photos aren't your thing, but you adore video. Photo booths offer so much more than you could imagine, so think about the type of offering that really suits you as a couple. Not many people realise we can create video snippets with music. These are such an awesome way to express not only your personalities, but your guests' too.

Charlotte Williams, The Proper Booth

Best wishes

Best wishes

Q We'd love a guest book as a memento of our day, but in our experience of going to weddings, no one ever wants to sign them! Do you have any suggestions?
A Craig Cheber says: A guest book at your wedding is undoubtedly one of the best ways to capture personal messages from your loved ones. Although, long gone are the days where all of your guests are expected to leave a piece of advice for the newlyweds and simply placing your guestbook on your gifts and cards table is a recipe for finding it empty at the end of the night. Instead, you should task this to your photo booth provider! As a vintage photo booth supplier, Booth Nineteen includes guest books with all of our wedding packages. Having a physical photo to stick onto the pages of your book means friends and family are far more likely to leave their mark alongside it. Your photo booth attendant will manage this on the night and by having someone tasked with getting as many messages as possible you can be certain of a great selection of both heartfelt and hilarious wishes to read back through for years to come. So, don't chance a book hidden away in the corner, make it part of the evening entertainment.

Craig Cheber, Booth Nineteen

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